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ExclusiveXtracts, The Leading Extraction Company in Canada

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No other industry in North America has undergone as much change in the past five years as cannabis production and distribution and the company Exclusive Extracts has played a key role in its evolution. In fact, Exclusive Extracts is now one of Canada’s leading extract companies that is renowned for its shatter products and concentrates.

With such offerings as Kings Kush Indica Shatter, Kosher Kush Indica Shatter and Xtreme Kush Indica Shatter, Exclusive Extracts has positioned itself as one of the best Canadian suppliers of cannabis extracts, which concentrate the compounds tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) and makes for easier, cleaner usage.

Industry experts, medical patients and recreational users agree that shatter (also known as oil, sap, and pull-and-snap), with its enticing amber glass transparency, is one of the purest forms of cannabis concentrate but what many people don’t know is its creation requires true skill. Exclusive Extracts has perfected the balance of science and art to create a superb extract product. Every step of their process demands a balance of science and art, beginning with the selection of high-quality material with unique terpenes. (Terpenes or “terps” are found in the same glands that produce cannabinoids like THC and CBD, but are responsible for the colour, aroma and flavour of the product, such as pine, berry and citrus.) From there, a specific amount of heat and moisture is applied and the oils become a liquid substance, which when cooled, appear glassy. This is shatter.

Exclusive Extracts

Extracts are the preferred method of cannabis usage because they concentrate CBD oil and THC oil so the patient requires less volume to experience more medicinal effects. This is why Exclusive Extracts has dedicated itself to the creation of perfecting cannabis extraction and distribution.

As a result of Exclusive Extracts commitment to the industry it is becoming famous throughout the country for its standard of quality and excellence and its range of products now include:

● 9 Pound Hammer Shatter
● Blue Mystic Shatter
● Master Kush Shatter
● Platinum Bubba Shatter
● Kaia Kush Shatter
● Jack Frost Shatter
● Zeus OG Shatter
● Atomic Haze Shatter
● Nuken Live Resin

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