Similar Deck Space Auto-suggestions. Deckcycle Deckcycle Feature Queue. Standard - Esper Yorion 55% Win Rate: 77 Wins - 63 Losses. The problem is that Yorion decks are control decks, and when the endgame finally happens ultimatum genesis is just too powerful for the deck to handle. Steven Stinson playing Esper Position: 2 Deck Name: Esper DOOM Yorion Sideboard Creatures [9] 1 Archon of Sun's Grace 1 Dream Trawler 3 Yorion, Sky Nomad 4 Skyclave Apparition Instants [6] 1 Cling to Dust 1 Eliminate 2 Hagra Mauling 2 Heartless Act Sorceries [8] … 12 21 58 4. Esper Doom Yorion I think it's a mistake to not play Blue in Yorion decks at the moment. I think going up to 4 of it is an extremely smart move since it’s incidentally insanely good right now. Having a play on turn 2 is rather critical for most matchups and one that helps stymie aggression is quite helpful. Round 1: Esper Doom Foretold (Yorion) VS Dimir Rogues (Lurrus) When I first saw Esper Yorion, I thought the deck was solid but nothing terribly special. Since Doom Foretold puts permanents in your graveyard anyway, having the ability to recur a few of them for value or a lot of them and making a strong fighting force is a huge boon for the deck’s power level. MTG Magic: The Gathering, all the newest videos, arena, decks, combos, tips, tricks, hints, news, pre-releases and basically everything about the game, updated daily, just for you. We have beat a lot of top tier decks from Temur, to Rakdos, to Yorion and lots of Gruul. With a good draw, they can easily diversify a lot of their threats so it’ll be difficult to keep up at times. Companion: Yorion, Sky Nomad: I tried a 60 card Esper Doom Foretold variant multiple times this season, and the deck simply didn’t work. Two members of my competitive Discord, Tristan and saanctum, created a list that got both of them into Day 2 of the MCQW and Tristan to the qualification! Let’s talk sideboarding. If you are going to play this deck on ladder, you may want more Glass Casket since people tend to have a preference for creature decks there. Golden Egg is a pretty mediocre card and it’s ok to not play 4. If you want to find "singular" or "roguish" decks, take a look at the ones with high singularity. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Share. Format: Standard Best of 3. Corey Baumeister pilots Esper Doom Foretold (Yorion) on Magic: The Gathering Arena. 4 Omen of the Sea: Flash Preordain on a stick, nothing surprising here. Upvote 0. That list is cleaner than a freshly mopped floor. If you like my content and want to see more of it, you can check me out on Twitch! TCGPlayer 313.31 - 320.59 . The card is very rarely bad and can give you outs to permanents you can struggle to answer quickly. I was happy for Matt and impressed, but I still wasn’t sold. [card]Yorion, Sky Nomad[/card] è senza dubbio una carta da non sottovalutare. 4 Elspeth Conquers Death: The best white card in Standard. Sure you played some decent cards, but the deck as a whole was kind of underwhelming. Playtest v1. 2 Duress: Good ol’ fashioned Duress for decks with a lot of non-creatures. When you didn’t draw a wincon, you would just flail around until your opponent outdrew your interaction. Cardmarket €121. Share. stats for deck esper doom (yorion) - standard. Throne of Eldraine è l’espansione che ha reso i control molto più veloci in termini di chiusura. Sure! A high singularity means that the deck is running cards that are less common in that archetype. Browse > Home / Decks / Standard / Azorius Control (Yorion) Azorius Control (Yorion) by obanov Report Deck Name Fix Archetype $ 243.55. Continuiamo a provare deck già buoni che possono migliorare molto con il piccolo aiuto dei companion di IKORIA. MTGO Standard Challenge 2020/Oct/11 #3 Esper DOOM Yorion - bcs8995 When I first saw Esper Yorion, I thought the deck was solid but nothing terribly special. Before we keep going, I haven’t forgotten about my Bo1 friends. I would go – 2 Heartless Act and Eliminate, add 2 Cling, the extinction event, and one Archon. (*) Singularity measures the grade of deviation from the standard average deck on that archetype. This does everything from stall aggressive decks to taking out important permanents from slow decks. As you can likely tell, this list is based off Matt’s list which seemed well built against what you’d expect in Bo1, especially with small innovations like fewer taplands. However, last weekend completely flipped the script for me. Potentially, I think the Golden Egg and Glass Casket numbers could’ve been switched, but I’ll opt to trust Mengucci here. Good with Yorion and Doom Foretold. Standard Esper Doom Foretold by Dan Troha. Easy enough boarding. Its current price is around 211$. Standard BO1 Traditional Standard Standard Events Historic BO1 Traditional Historic Historic Events Brawl Pioneer Modern Legacy Vintage Commander. I intended on looking at the MPL lists and taking what I liked from Matt’s, Tristan/saanctums, and the MPL lists, but then I saw Andrea Mengucci’s 7 win list. It’s not great when you’re struggling to keep up, thus it does get boarded out in faster matchups, but forcing your opponent to sacrifice relevant permanents while you sacrifice cards you already got value from is huge. 4 Mystical Dispute: This card’s gross, if you’re playing Blue, you’re playing 3-4 of this. Wow. Robert "DoggertQBones" Lee is a streamer and high ranked Arena player. MTG. Good with Yorion and Doom Foretold yet again! 4 Doom Foretold: The whole reason to play this deck. CardHoarder 240.60 TIX. The new breakout deck from last week and easily one of your hardest matchups. Be careful on picking the spots you cast this. If I had to guess, Mengu was afraid of Crawling Barrens, a card that Esper traditionally has an extremely hard time answering. 48 12 20. Dopo il Grixis Invention anche Esper ha un suo archetipo capace di sparecchiare la tavola e chiudere in pochissimi turni subito dopo. (Esper Yorion is also known as Esper Yorion, Esper Blink or Esper DOOM Yorion). Manse Esper Control Standard Deck Guida. 3 Treacherous Blessing: Extremely powerful and scary. Seems like a significant portion of the meta. 3 Omen of the Sun: Slightly better Raise the Alarm on a stick. 3 Extinction Event: Esper definitely wants board wipes and it’s really between this or Shatter the Sky. 2 Archon of Sun’s Grace: A big lifelinking threat who makes smaller lifelinking threats. ... (Yorion) Esper Control (Yorion) Esper Control (Yorion) Angelo Pancini: 201 tix $ 192 - 24th Azorius Control Azorius Control Azorius Control: All of your removal spells are basically dead so you need to board in cards that have a chance of doing something. Be mindful of what you’re exiling as you don’t want to get rid of your Dance of the Manse fodder. (*) Prices based in average price in TCGPLAYER.COM store. Yorion & Sagas is all You Need | Standard Bo3 | Esper Doom | Standard [Arena] Skip to content. However, after this past weekend, it seems Yorion is much more manageable than we thought. Facebook 0 Tweet 0. These matchups can be very challenging, but they’re certainly not unwinnable.

esper yorion standard

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